CloudSharper 0.9.29 released

By Loïc Denuzière on Monday, March 2, 2015 — 0 comments

Here comes a new release of CloudSharper, with a bunch of bug fixes as well as the first steps of a big UI enhancement. We are updating CloudSharper to a clearer, slicker and more modern flat visual style.

In this first installment, the startup screen and the dashboard have been completely redesigned, and dialog windows are also restyled.

Other improvements

  • Autocomplete for F# now filters members.
  • WebSharper has been updated to 3.0.36-alpha, together with the online documentation.


  • #594: Autocomplete should not trigger if there is no identifier before .
  • #595: An exception is raised when creating a new file
  • #596: FSI input uses UTF8 encoding now

Happy coding!