WebSharper 3.0 released

By András Jankó on Thursday, April 16, 2015 — 1 comment


Changes since the last release candidate

  • Added DateTimeFormatAttribute for specifying date formatting for JSON REST APIs. See documentation

  • Macro and code generation API have been simplified. See documentation.

  • Content.Redirect has been renamed to Content.RedirectPermanent.

  • Improved source mapping. Now source map files contain the original sources, no separate hosting is necessary. See documentation.

  • Some proxy revisions for performance.

  • Improved TypeScript declaration ouput, but it is still considered an experimental feature. See documentation.

Bug fixes

  • #374: WebSharper.JavaScript.X now throws a ClientSideOnly exception when called from .NET code.

  • #375: FuncWithArgs constructor fails when called with a function that does not take a tuple. (If you want to create a JavaScript function that takes a variable number of arguments, use the FuncWithRest type.)

  • #376: Exception "This stream does not support seek operations" in OWIN project.

  • #378: Added basic CSSOM features to Dom.Element.

  • #379: Union types containing records get translated to the wrong representation when returned from RPC.

  • #381: Html projects do not output source maps or TypeScript declaration.

Happy coding!

  • adam.granicz

    And let's not forget about the new UI.Next SPA template... More on that shortly.