CloudSharper 0.9.30 with WebSharper 3 templates

By Adam Granicz on Friday, April 17, 2015 — 0 comments

To match yesterdays's official WebSharper 3 release, we are following up with a CloudSharper update, version 0.9.30. Most importantly, this release comes with updated WebSharper 3 project templates and the new UI.Next project template to make it easy to try out WebSharper 3 online.

Other changes and enhancements in this release are:

  • #601: Trigger auto completion on more key presses
  • #604: Add command for opening a file in Document/Split view
  • #602: Load blog entries with ajax for faster display of dashboard
  • #609: Interactive WebSharper compilation fails to reference assembly that is referenced but not loaded

Next, we will be adding various WebSharper 3 sample applications (highlighting WinJS, PhoneJS, TODOMvc, and various other more complex applications) on the CloudSharper website, along with a comprehensive site update as part of our efforts to ramp up to the upcoming 1.0 release, so keep an eye on the site and on this blog.

Happy coding!