WebSharper 3.2.22 released

By Loïc Denuzière on Tuesday, July 14, 2015 — 0 comments

This new WebSharper version is a bugfix release. The main fixes concern dynamic compilation to JavaScript, which includes Warp applications.

Change log:

  • More verbose error message when failing to compile a function to JavaScript.
  • Fix dynamic compilation to JavaScript of generic methods on generic types.
  • Fix #444: dynamic compilation to JavaScript of union type field access.
  • Fix various proxies whose types didn't exactly match with the original function, and were accepted by standard compilation but not by dynamic compilation.
  • Make TypeScript declaration output optional in FrontEnd.
  • Fix #445: equality and comparison on arbitrary objects.
  • Fix Runtime.Inherit for when the parent class isn't included in dependencies.
  • Fix [<Website>] not recognized on Sitelet values.

Happy coding!