Share and embed Try WebSharper snippets

By Adam Granicz on Sunday, August 9, 2015 — 4 comments

Just four days ago we released Try WebSharper, and here we go with the first feature enhancement: embedding snippets. A huge thanks to Don Syme for suggesting it.

Each snippet and example now has an Embed tab, giving you the links or the HTML code for embedding it:

For instance, the snooker example you can play here directly.

You can also view it as an embedded content here, giving you the original source code.

With more features coming soon, we hope you enjoy experimenting and sharing your best F# web programming snippets.

Happy sharing!

  • davidgrenier

    Can we do Remote calls in the shareable snippets or only client-side is allowed?

    • adam.granicz

      Only client-side code is allowed, as we don't host (or make possible to call) server-side code. You can, however, call web services or make AJAX requests to public hosts.

      • davidgrenier

        Great, I want to try and recreate a dynamic address form and will need to fetch ISO countries/states.

        Wouldn't a call fail due to cross-site scripting if calling a webservice from the client side?

        • adam.granicz

          By "public" I mean services that accept requests from any client, typically via