Last day to register to Tech Mesh 2012

Tech Mesh - The Alternative Programming Conference is designed to support and promote useful non-mainstream technologies in the software industry and dedicated to users and inventors of various languages and technologies. By offering a networking platform to IT architects, software developers and project managers it brings together different programming worlds and creates opportunities to exchange experiences and knowledge, necessary to pick the ”the right tool for the job”.

Building UIs for WebSharper with ExtJS Architect

WebSharper provides an extension to write ExtJS applications in F#. But did you know that you can easily use the visual designer ExtJS Architect in conjunction with WebSharper? Here is how.

CUFP 2012 - Call for Presentations

The annual CUFP workshop is a place where people can see how others are using functional programming to solve real world problems; where practitioners meet and collaborate; where language designers and users can share ideas about the future of their favorite language; and where one can learn practical techniques and approaches for putting functional programming to work.

Looking for technical reviewers for Expert F# 3.0

You may have heard that Don, Antonio and I have teamed up again to work on Expert F# 3.0, doing a comprehensive update with quite a bit of changes, and adding a good amount of new material to the book's first and second edition. [more]

WebSharper 2.4 Q2 available

A few days ago, I blogged about WebSharper 2.4 Q2 Beta, announcing a handful of important changes to WebSharper. Today, we are happy to announce the general availability of WebSharper 2.4 Q2, available from the WebSharper downloads page.

Latest FPish enhancements

We recently rolled out a few enhancements on FPish. The main highlights are blog comments and tweet functionality.

WebSharper 2.4 Q2 Beta out

We have been working hard to bring you WebSharper 2.4 Q2 - and today we are happy to announce the availability of the the first beta (2.4.46)... [more]

FPish now hosts blogs!

Since the beginning FPish has allowed Authors to aggregate their blogs. We are now going a step further by allowing you to write blog articles on FPish.

WebSharper 2.3 Q3 released

This release ships the preliminary support for mobile devices, a new WebSharper component we call WebSharper Mobile. [more...]

WebSharper at CUFP 2011

Back in 2004 when we founded IntelliFactory to do commercial F# development, there were just a few dozen people who have heard about F# worldwide. When pitching to various companies or talking informally about what we do I usually met with total utter disbelief - how could a company that specializes in something unknown ever succeed? [...]

WebSharper Extensions for Bing Maps 7.0 Updated

The WebSharper Extensions for Bing Maps has been updated to reflect the last changes in the 7.0 API. Among notable additions are Directions, a simplified interface to the Routes REST API, Traffic and VenueMaps, as well as the possibility to implement your own extension modules.

WebSharper 2.3 - targeting enterprise applications

We have been pretty busy these past few months working on a number of enhancements to WebSharper for its 2011 Q2 milestone - and I am happy to announce that the new 2.3 release is now out for public consumption. [more...]

Color the Wind - a 2D Canvas demo with WebSharper

At DemoJS, a demoparty dedicated to web technologies that took place this weekend in Paris, a demo coded with WebSharper was released.

WebSharper / O3D sample: Snooker game

We translated the snooker game sample from the official O3D website to WebSharper. The result is on par with the original in terms of performance, with 25% shorter source code and extra code safety.

O3D Extension for WebSharper available

In our continuing effort to make the most powerful JavaScript tools available to WebSharper developers, we are releasing the extension for Google O3D. O3D is a 3D programming library built on top of WebGL, enabling high-level resource and rendering management for 3D scenes.

Expiring WebSharper Professional trials

Since we released WebSharper Professional last week, we received ~200 requests about extending prior trial versions that expired. As it turns out WebSharper Professional has been in beta for several months and the first users who opted in to try it were now unable to check out the final release due to expired trial licenses. [...]