WebSharper available in Visual Studio Gallery

You can now install WebSharper through Visual Studio 2010's Extension Manager with a single click.

Expert F# 2.0 - what's new?

A short list of changes in Expert F# 2.0, and a bit of celebration...

ML 2010 Workshop - Final Call for Presentations

There is still time to submit your F# talk/presentation/report/demo proposal to <a href="">ML 2010</a>, co-located with ICFP in Baltimore, MD, USA!

F# Training Courses in CA Announced

We are pleased to announce the availability of our standard training courses, now enhanced to follow the latest F# release, in California! The first in our three-part series, F# Programming I, is scheduled to start from July 6 in San Francisco and Los Angeles, with Part II and III following.

WebSharper 2010 Standard is available

This is an exciting time for the F# world. Monday, April 12, witnessed the launch of VisualStudio 2010 and the release of the official F#, 2.0. Great job, F# team! On our part, today we are pleased to announce the availability of WebSharper™ Platform 1.0.

F# Development and Sales Jobs in London, California, and Budapest

IntelliFactory is inviting applications for a range of F# positions - we are seeking F# developers, architects, interns, WebSharper developers, agile development/project managers, and seasoned sales/KAM professionals. To be considered, please send your resume and short introduction to hr [at]

Call for Presentations - CUFP 2010

Functional programming languages have been a hot topic of academic research for over 35 years, and are rapidly being adopted in diverse real-world settings ranging from from tech startups to financial and biomedical firms. A vigorous community of practically-minding functional programmers has come into existence, using them as tools to build reliable and fast systems. CUFP is designed to serve this community. The aim is for CUFP to be a place where people can see how others are using functional programming to solve real world problems; where practitioners meet and collaborate; where language designers and users can share ideas about the future of their favorite language; and where one can learn practical techniques and approaches for putting functional programming to work.

Call for Presentations - ML 2010

ML is a family of programming languages that includes dialects known as Standard ML, Objective Caml, and F#. The development of these languages has inspired a large amount of computer science research, both practical and theoretical. This workshop aims to provide a forum to encourage discussion and research on ML and related technology (higher-order, typed, or strict languages).

WebSharper 0.4.62 is available - with dependent formlets-flowlets-third-party extensions-and more!

We are happy to announce the availability of WebSharper 0.4.62 - the latest version of the WebSharper Platform that aims to equip professional F# developers with the right platform to rapidly develop rich, scalable, client-based web applications. This is the first release candidate of WebSharper Platform 2010 - our commercial offering for client-based reactive web development with F#. In this release there are a number of new features, including: ...

Rapid prototyping of DSLs in F# - Part III

The third part of "Rapid prototyping of DSLs in F#" presents the semantic checker for Simply, a small programming language with functions and expressions.

Rapid prototyping of DSLs in F# - Part II

The second part of "Rapid prototyping of DSLs in F#" presents the parser for Simply, a small programming language with functions and expressions.

Parsing with active patterns

Active patterns provide the perfect mechanism to implement recursive-descent parsers - allowing you to quickly prototype even complex grammars using a statically typed approach and without the need to resort to lexer and parser generators.

F# May 2009 CTP and VS 2010 Beta1

A few comments on the May 2009 CTP and the adoption of F#.

FP-BUD May Meetup

FP-BUD is the primary place for discussing functional programming in an easy-going, social setting.

Welcome to the IntelliFactory corporate blogs!

Welcome to the IntelliFactory corporate blogs!