WebSharper 4.5 released

This release simplifies the use of HTML functions in WebSharper UI.

WebSharper 4.4.1 released

This is a minor release for WebSharper and WebSharper.UI.

WebSharper 4.4 released with Web Workers and Promises

This release improves client-side parallel and asynchronous programming in F# and C#.

WebSharper 4.3 released with pure .NET Core support

With this release, mono is not required during compile time anymore.

Create JavaScript libraries from your C# or F# code

Learn how to use WebSharper's JavaScriptExport feature to create standalone .js files from your .NET projects

WebSharper 4.2.10 and UI 4.2.6 released

This minor release brings bug fixes and a few features to WebSharper and UI.

WebSharper 4.2.9 released

This is a minor release for WebSharper and WebSharper.UI.

Part 2. Model-View-Update (MVU) style apps with WebSharper UI

In this tutorial, you will learn about using WebSharper UI to implement a simple Model-View-Update (MVU) application pattern, similar to the Elm architecture. In subsequent tutorials, you will learn about enhancing this pattern to a full-scale application development architecture (The WebSharper Architecture) that has superior performance and sufficient flexibility to implement any type of web application.

WebSharper.UI 4.2.4 released

This is a minor feature release of WebSharper.UI, out-of-band from WebSharper.

First steps: Using HTML templates, accessing form values, and wiring events

Congratulations on taking the first step to learn WebSharper! We have carefully put together this hands-on tutorial with the aim to help you get started with WebSharper and on your way to learn functional, reactive web development, putting you on a fast track to unleash the real web developer in you. The skills you pick up with WebSharper will make you a better web developer, and the concepts you learn will remain valid and useful with other functional, reactive web frameworks and libraries as well.

WebSharper 4.2.8 released with in-document template binding

The main highlight of this release is in-document template binding, a client-side feature which treats the whole document as a template to be filled.

WebSharper 4 for ASP.NET MVC: new and improved

Today we are releasing WebSharper.AspNetMvc 4.2.0, with a simplified API.

WebSharper 4.2.4 released

WebSharper 4.1.6 has F# query on the client and net4x builds not depending on netstandard

Clear and simple reactive code with WebSharper.UI's V

Reactive code can be just as clear and readable as static code with this new WebSharper.UI feature!

WebSharper 4.2 released

It is finally here! Today we are releasing WebSharper 4.2.

Deploying a .NET Core WebSharper site in AWS Lambda

Tutorial for instantiating a WebSharper site and configuring it to run on AWS Lambda