Announcing Try F# on WebAssembly

Just a short week ago, we announced the first release of Bolero, enabling full-stack F# web development on WebAssembly. Since then we have been working on a small side project to see what it would take to implement a fully client-side implementation of the F# compiler: basically, to embed FSharp.Compiler.Services (FCS) in a small Bolero application.

Announcing Bolero: F# tools for WebAssembly

A new library to create F# web applications in WebAssembly via Blazor.

From enterprise to next-generation web: celebrating 11 years with WebSharper

A brief outline of the historical circumstances around WebSharper (just some notes in no particular order) that **position it for a bright future outlook**, and a quick glimple of what we are working on with it to advance the current state of F# web programming.

WebSharper 4.5.5 released

Introducing dynamic templates for WebSharper.UI

WebSharper 4.5.4 released

This minor release adds sitelet CORS support, drops jQuery from UI's dependencies and fixes a number of issues.

WebSharper 4.5.2 released with new AspNetCore API

This includes a more idiomatic API for WebSharper.AspNetCore.

WebSharper.React: new and improved!

The new release makes it easy to use React in F#

WebSharper 4.5 released

This release simplifies the use of HTML functions in WebSharper UI.

WebSharper 4.4.1 released

This is a minor release for WebSharper and WebSharper.UI.

WebSharper 4.4 released with Web Workers and Promises

This release improves client-side parallel and asynchronous programming in F# and C#.

WebSharper 4.3 released with pure .NET Core support

With this release, mono is not required during compile time anymore.

Create JavaScript libraries from your C# or F# code

Learn how to use WebSharper's JavaScriptExport feature to create standalone .js files from your .NET projects

WebSharper 4.2.10 and UI 4.2.6 released

This minor release brings bug fixes and a few features to WebSharper and UI.

WebSharper 4.2.9 released

This is a minor release for WebSharper and WebSharper.UI.

Part 2. Model-View-Update (MVU) style apps with WebSharper UI

In this tutorial, you will learn about using WebSharper UI to implement a simple Model-View-Update (MVU) application pattern, similar to the Elm architecture. In subsequent tutorials, you will learn about enhancing this pattern to a full-scale application development architecture (The WebSharper Architecture) that has superior performance and sufficient flexibility to implement any type of web application.

WebSharper.UI 4.2.4 released

This is a minor feature release of WebSharper.UI, out-of-band from WebSharper.