WebSharper 3.1 published

The main highlights of this release are ASP.NET MVC support (including Razor pages), and a lighter syntax to embed client-side controls in sitelets.

CloudSharper 0.9.31 published

This release updates CloudSharper to use WebSharper 3.1.

Deploying WebSharper apps to Azure via GitHub

This article describes a basic WebSharper client-server application template that you can deploy to Azure via GitHub commits.

WebSharper: From Zero to an Azure-deployed Web Application

Find out how to easily set up a WebSharper application for deployment to Azure.

WebSharper 3.0.59 released

This minor release adds Sitelets-related functionality and bug fixes.

WebSharper site enhancements

The recent WebSharper 3 release also saw a number of enhancements to the WebSharper website, including a major reorganization to its content. In this post, I will summarize these, in particular [...]

CloudSharper 0.9.30 with WebSharper 3 templates

To match yesterdays's official WebSharper 3 release, we are following up with a CloudSharper update, version 0.9.30. Most importantly, this release comes with updated WebSharper 3 project templates and the new UI.Next project template to make it easy to try out WebSharper 3 online.

WebSharper 3.0 released

This new major release adds a cleaner metaprogramming API, date formatting for JSON API, bug fixes and proxy revisions, among many other changes.

WebSharper forum enhancements

In recent weeks we had been busy with a series of enhancements to the WebSharper website and some underlying FPish services. [more...]

WebSharper 3.0 RC released

We are finally closing in on the final WebSharper 3.0 with this release candidate.

CloudSharper 0.9.29 released

CloudSharper 0.9.29 is out, with UI enhancements and a number of fixes to the editor.

WebSharper 3.0-alpha for Xamarin Studio / MonoDevelop is now available!

We have updated the WebSharper Xamarin Studio / MonoDevelop add-in for the latest WebSharper 3.0.36-alpha. It is now easier than ever to get started with WebSharper 3.0 on Mac or Linux!

WebSharper-3.0.36-alpha released

This is our release candidate API-wise, last batch of breaking changes.

CloudSharper 0.9.28 released

This is a bugfix release for the editor.

Upcoming in WebSharper 3.0: serving REST APIs, easy as pie!

WebSharper 3.0 is coming with an awesome new feature: automatically parse JSON requests into typed F# values, and reply with JSON just as easily!

CloudSharper 0.9.27 released

CloudSharper 0.9.27 is out, with some UI enhancements and the capability to write WebSharper RPC methods in F# interactive.