WebSharper 3.2.10 released

This is a bugfix release mainly focusing on issues exposed by WebSharper.Warp

Introducing WebSharper Warp

WebSharper Warp is a friction-less web development library for building scripted and standalone full-stack F# client-server applications. Warp is built on top of WebSharper and is designed to help you become more productive and benefit from the rich WebSharper features more quickly and more directly. While Warp shorthands target the most typical applications (text, SPAs, multi-page) and easy exploration, you can extend your Warp applications with the full WebSharper capabilities at any time.

WebSharper 3.2 with support for scriptable applications, better resource management, and additional streamlined syntax

We are thrilled to announce the availability of WebSharper 3.2, paving the road to further upcoming enhancements to streamline developing and deploying WebSharper apps, and also shipping several key changes summarized here.

WebSharper 3.1 published

The main highlights of this release are ASP.NET MVC support (including Razor pages), and a lighter syntax to embed client-side controls in sitelets.

CloudSharper 0.9.31 published

This release updates CloudSharper to use WebSharper 3.1.

Deploying WebSharper apps to Azure via GitHub

This article describes a basic WebSharper client-server application template that you can deploy to Azure via GitHub commits.

WebSharper: From Zero to an Azure-deployed Web Application

Find out how to easily set up a WebSharper application for deployment to Azure.

WebSharper 3.0.59 released

This minor release adds Sitelets-related functionality and bug fixes.

WebSharper site enhancements

The recent WebSharper 3 release also saw a number of enhancements to the WebSharper website, including a major reorganization to its content. In this post, I will summarize these, in particular [...]

CloudSharper 0.9.30 with WebSharper 3 templates

To match yesterdays's official WebSharper 3 release, we are following up with a CloudSharper update, version 0.9.30. Most importantly, this release comes with updated WebSharper 3 project templates and the new UI.Next project template to make it easy to try out WebSharper 3 online.

WebSharper 3.0 released

This new major release adds a cleaner metaprogramming API, date formatting for JSON API, bug fixes and proxy revisions, among many other changes.

WebSharper forum enhancements

In recent weeks we had been busy with a series of enhancements to the WebSharper website and some underlying FPish services. [more...]

WebSharper 3.0 RC released

We are finally closing in on the final WebSharper 3.0 with this release candidate.

CloudSharper 0.9.29 released

CloudSharper 0.9.29 is out, with UI enhancements and a number of fixes to the editor.

WebSharper 3.0-alpha for Xamarin Studio / MonoDevelop is now available!

We have updated the WebSharper Xamarin Studio / MonoDevelop add-in for the latest WebSharper 3.0.36-alpha. It is now easier than ever to get started with WebSharper 3.0 on Mac or Linux!

WebSharper-3.0.36-alpha released

This is our release candidate API-wise, last batch of breaking changes.