WebSharper 3 alpha now under Apache 2

We are super excited to announce that as of the very latest 3.0-alpha commit, WebSharper is now available under the Apache 2.0 license, free of charge to anyone, for both closed and open source applications!

WebSharper 2.5.134 released

Introducing proxies for Async cancellation, MailboxProcessor, Printf.

CloudSharper released

This is a bugfix release with some additions for FSI.

Self-hosted WebSharper application template available

A new Visual Studio template has been added to the latest Visual Studio installer called "Self-Hosted Client-Server Application," and you can use this template to build OWIN-based self-hosted applications that can be deployed via an .exe file and without requiring an installed web container (IIS, etc.) on the serving machine.

CloudSharper released

This is a bugfix release for cloud workspace management.

CloudSharper released

This release adds cloud workspace management and bug fixes.

CloudSharper released

This release of CloudSharper adds configuration options for the local service's web server and the workspaces directory.

WebSharper 2.5.127 released

This version brings small fixes and RPC improvements

CloudSharper released

This is a bugfix release for the CS local service.

CloudSharper released

This release makes tooltips better, adds Go To Definition.

CloudSharper released

The highlight of this release is tooltips for F# code.

CloudSharper released

This is a bugfix release focusing mainly on the F# code service.

2048 game with F# + WebSharper

A re implementation of the popular browser game with easy to override game logic.

CloudSharper released

Just a few hours after releasing CloudSharper, we are back with a handful of small enhancements.