WebSharper forum enhancements

In recent weeks we had been busy with a series of enhancements to the WebSharper website and some underlying FPish services. [more...]

WebSharper 3.0 RC released

We are finally closing in on the final WebSharper 3.0 with this release candidate.

CloudSharper 0.9.29 released

CloudSharper 0.9.29 is out, with UI enhancements and a number of fixes to the editor.

WebSharper 3.0-alpha for Xamarin Studio / MonoDevelop is now available!

We have updated the WebSharper Xamarin Studio / MonoDevelop add-in for the latest WebSharper 3.0.36-alpha. It is now easier than ever to get started with WebSharper 3.0 on Mac or Linux!

WebSharper-3.0.36-alpha released

This is our release candidate API-wise, last batch of breaking changes.

CloudSharper 0.9.28 released

This is a bugfix release for the editor.

Upcoming in WebSharper 3.0: serving REST APIs, easy as pie!

WebSharper 3.0 is coming with an awesome new feature: automatically parse JSON requests into typed F# values, and reply with JSON just as easily!

CloudSharper 0.9.27 released

CloudSharper 0.9.27 is out, with some UI enhancements and the capability to write WebSharper RPC methods in F# interactive.

WebSharper.3.0.26-alpha released

New release of WebSharper 3.0-alpha contains strong typing for all kinds of JavaScript functions and a major update to the Interface Generator API.

CloudSharper 0.9.26 released

This new CloudSharper version includes an HTTP API to create a workspace in a single click.

CloudSharper 0.9.25 released

This release of CloudSharper updates the templates and the user interface itself to the latest WebSharper.

WebSharper 3.0.8-alpha published

This release of WebSharper streamlines a lot of the namespaces, making it more intuitive to use than ever. It is a breaking update, and this article describes all the (mostly trivial) changes that need to be done to existing projects.

CloudSharper 0.9.23 released

CloudSharper updates to WebSharper 3.0 alpha.

WebSharper 3.0.3-alpha released

This is our first release of WebSharper 3.0-alpha with a new feature: source mapping.

News from WebSharper 3.0: NuGet, Visual Studio, Mono, upcoming features and API changes

The first batch of WebSharper 3.0 releases has just hit NuGet, together with the Visual Studio extension. The build system has been updated to build correctly on Mono. Work has also started on new features and API enhancements.