WebSharper talk at Sinergija 2010

By Adam Granicz on Monday, November 15, 2010 — 0 comments

I will be giving a talk at Sinergija 2010, Community Track about web programming in F# and with WebSharper. This event is Belgrade, Serbia - here is the abstract if you are in the area:

Developing Web Applications with F# in VS 2010

In this session I will discuss how functional programming and Visual F# enables professional web developers to create robust, client-based web applications with stunning brevity, without writing a single line of JavaScript code. We will briefly look at alternatives for F#-based web development, and discuss real-life examples using F# and the WebSharper framework. WebSharper offers a uniform developer story to express client- and server-side code in F#, enables seamless RPC communication, and brings powerful functional programming concepts such as formlets and flowlets to solve many common problems of web programming.

See you there!