WebSharper 4.2.10 and UI 4.2.6 released

By Loïc Denuzière on Friday, May 4, 2018 — 1 comment

This minor release brings bug fixes and a few features to WebSharper and UI.

Install templates for .NET Core SDK: dotnet new -i WebSharper.Templates::

Download templates for Visual Studio 2017:

WebSharper Core


  • #943 New option for DownloadResources: WarnOnly.
    • true tries to download resources, and throws an error if it fails.
    • WarnOnly tries to download resources, and shows a warning if it fails.
    • false does not download resources.


  • #940 Inferred sitelet: "GET /" union case prevents other cases from being parsed

WebSharper UI


  • #171 Templating: Support writing <ws-*> template instantiations from the server side with .Doc(keepUnfilled = true), so that these instantiations can be applied on the client side.


  • #170 Templating: Fix issue that prevented applying <ws-*> instantiation for a template declared later in the file in ClientLoad.FromDocument mode.
  • #176 Routing: Recognize relative href path when parsing clicked links to apply client-side routing.
  • #177 Fix code output when using .V on a Var<Doc>.

Happy coding!