Bolero 0.16 released for .NET 5

Updated to the latest and greatest version of .NET

Bolero 0.15 released

Update to Elmish 3.0, improvements to element binders and various fixes.

Bolero 0.14 released

Switching to System.Text.Json, using Blazor fragments, URL encoding in the router and more.

Bolero 0.13 released

Updated to Blazor 3.2.0 final release, with improvements to server-side hosting and component attributes.

Bolero 0.12 released

Updated for .NET Core 3.1 and Blazor 3.2, introducing lazy components, improved data binders, and more.

Converting a WebSharper HTML app to a client-server one

In my previous article about "F# metablogging: introducing BlogEngine for your static markdown-based F# blog", I briefly outlined a quick strategy to switch a WebSharper HTML project to a hosted, client-server app, and vice versa. In this article, I will walk through some suprises that came along the way and what I did to resolve them.

F# metablogging: introducing BlogEngine for your static markdown-based F# blog

In this article, I want to show you another way of keeping your SSG in F#: using WebSharper. Armed with the full power of a .NET web framework and its templating features (see the HTML templates section), this has numerous advantages, most importantly, among others, that you can embed dynamic features written in F# or C# to give you a truly impressive and dynamic blog, despite being statically generated.

Bolero 0.9 released

Release for .NET Core 3.0 RTM, introducing page models!

Your first Bolero project not compiling? Try this!

The Bolero homepage starts off with a video that shows you how to create your first client-server app with three simple commands, ...

Bolero 0.7 released

Updated for Blazor 3.0-preview7

Bolero 0.5 released for Blazor 3.0-preview

Updated to the latest and greatest Blazor and .NET Core

Bolero 0.4 released with remote authentication

Authenticate users and authorize remote functions with standard ASP.NET Core auth.

WebSharper 4.5.9 released with F# anonymous record support

WebSharper 4.5.9 has client-side support for F# anonymous records and build fixes.

WebSharper 4.5.8 released with Visual Studio 2019 support

WebSharper 4.5.8 has client-side support for FSharp.Core 4.6 functions and templates for VS2019

Bolero 0.3 released with HTML template hot reloading

Designing a Bolero page is much quicker with HTML content live editing.

Bolero 0.2 released with improved routing

You can now specify full path templates for routers.