WebSharper 4.1 released

WebSharper 4.1 introduces multiple new client-server features

Announcing WebSharper 4 Release Candidate

Full stack of `WebSharper.4.0-rc` packages are now available on NuGet.

WebSharper 4 beta-10 released

Fixes and old and recent community requests are released

WebSharper 4 beta-9 released

Compiler and output optimizations, auto-versioning scripts

WebSharper 4 beta-7 released

WebSharper 4 beta now has F#4.1 and C#7 language support

WebSharper 4 beta-6 bugfix released

Fixes for tail recursion optimizations, lighter representation of F# unions/records with no extra members

WebSharper 4 beta-6 released

WebSharper 4 beta-6 contains updates to DOM and JQuery bindings, erased union types, JS output optimizations and fixes

Simple reactive scenarios with WebSharper

One of the most fundamental design considerations any developer must deal with is handling change. In this article, we are primarily concerned with client-side state and changes to it. Change can be brought about by various external factors (user input such as mouse or keyboard events, server push messages, etc.) or by means internal to the application itself.

The road to WebSharper 4

We started work on WebSharper 4 more than a year ago, open-sourced it in May and published first beta packages in August. It is a project with a big scope and still some features are planned before we would call it stable. This article is an introduction and also a status report.

Distributed web applications in F# with WebSharper

Introducing new and improved WebSharper 4 beta features for RPCs: customizing both client and server side.

A faster and slicker Try WebSharper

A while ago we rolled out a new UI for Try WebSharper, essentially changing it into a snappy single-page application (SPA). Among others, you can now switch between trying out various snippets and making your own without any noticable delay, no more annoying page refreshes. [more..]

WebSharper 3.6.7 released

This is a minor release with bug fixes and updates for dependent libraries.

WebSharper - a year in review

Just over a year ago, last year in December we released WebSharper 3 on Apache, putting it into the hands of every F# web developer. One thing we learned from WebSharper 2 is that more frequent releases are better and this year kept the whole team busy with constant innovation and new releases. Below is a list I cherry-picked from the WebSharper blog.. [more]

WebSharper 3.6.6 released

This release adds a small client-side cookies library, a function to require resources in client-side markup, and various bug fixes.

WebSharper 3.6 released with CDN support

We released WebSharper 3.6 which allows you to automatically point to our CDN for WebSharper libraries.

WebSharper 3.5.16 released

WebSharper 3.5.16 splits off the WebSharper.Testing framework into a separate package and fixes a few bugs.