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We are always seeking talented F# developers of all levels, and we want you to succeed and fulfill your wildest ambitions with us.

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Budapest, Hungary


17 years This year



18 countries

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Why IntelliFactory?

You are in good company

Cutting-edge technology

We are not only developing scalable and highly performant F# web applications, but we are also working to create the best developer tools to help us do so. You will be using our own functional, reactive web frameworks: WebSharper and Bolero, and work with a number of other open source F# tools and libraries.

Awesome team

Birthdays or project deliveries, we always have a reason to celebrate.


We are proud to have worked with colleagues of all backgrounds from 18 countries over the years.

Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, China, Colombia, France, Guatemala, Hungary, Izrael, Martinique, Poland, Reunion, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, UK, USA


Not only will you enjoy a competitive salary, a generous paid time-off allowance and other perks, but you will also love our in-house training programs to develop and sharpen your ML/AI/BI and soft skills, among others.

Open source

We continuously encourage you to work on open source projects and initiatives (both your own and IntelliFactory's), build up your developer profile to become a recognized member in the larger community.

Vibrant environment

Budapest offers a unique blend of work-life balance, with an amazing history and places to visit, and is overall one of the most beautiful and lively cities in Europe. You will find plenty of outlets to satisfy your social, cultural, and educational curiosity.

Just starting with F#?

Join IntelliFactory as an intern


Our interns work alongside our more senior developers and learn F#/.NET, coding standards and best practices first-hand. Your internship also involves a good dose of soft skills, teamwork and public facing.

Academic relations

We maintain strong ties with over a dozen universities across Europe to provide summer internships, industrial supervision for student thesis projects, and online and in-person classes in functional programming and F# web development.

Career opportunities

We value and reward hard work and commitment by supporting our rising talents continuously. We want you to become the best functional programmer you can be, and grow on every level with us.


Open positions

F# web developer
Budapest, HU Remote

As an F# web developer, you will collaborate on our various full-stack F# web projects. You need to have a thorough understanding of the ASP.NET Core and WebSharper fundamentals (sitelets, pagelets, proxying, etc.) to take this role. You will attend regular online status and team calls and/or face-to-face meetings, and help your team deliver each iteration on-time and successfully.

F# intern
Budapest, HU Remote

As an intern, you will join our junior team assisting with our latest projects. You will learn the skillset necessary to contribute: working with source code and applying our development processes. You will attend online brainstorming sessions regularly, and learn best practices and the key technologies involved to quickly become productive.


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